"I'm getting more out of thirty minutes at Kuzora Fitness than I did in a week with my last trainer!" Kim Civardi

"I thought I was doing good working out on my own. Then a friend convinced me to try out the Boot Camp. WOW!!! I can't believe the results!" Dawn Malizia

One on One Personal Training Benefits:

  • Workout with Raleigh / Wake Forest's BEST Personal Trainers
  • Slim and tone YOUR PERSONAL problem areas with cutting edge workout plans designed specifically for YOU
  • Lose weight WITHOUT boring cardio
  • Flexible scheduling options mean you workout at your convenience
  • Affordable monthly billing options
  • Workout 2, 3, or 4 workouts per week
  • Make fitness a family affair & save hundreds with our affordable family programs

Can you imagine losing up to 12 pounds of fat in
just a few weeks? Or dropping 30 pounds or more
in six weeks?

Don't think it's possible? Just ask Kuzora Fitness
client David Evans:

"He dropped 32 pounds in just 6 weeks!"

And he did it without ANY boring cardio!

If you're interested in results like this, I've created a
program just for you.

I'm calling it the "Men's Only 8 Week Flat Belly Program."


This program works by optimizing levels of
your body's natural physique changing hormones:
  • Growth hormone - the bodies most potent fat burner 
  • Testosterone - the muscle builder 
  • Cortisol - the fat storing, muscle wasting nemesis of every dieter
To accomplish this, I've combined two of my most
effective training protocols:

GH releasing Metabolic Body Comp system

This type of workout has been shown to
increase growth hormone levels up to 900%.

With growth hormone levels this high fat will literally
melt off your body!

Testosterone boosting 3 x AMRAP system

I've used this system to add slabs of muscle to the
physiques of dozens of guys just like you.

"One client gained 10 pounds of lean muscle in just 28 days with this exact training protocol!"


Now, I'm not going to lie to you: these workouts are


Your first "Metabolic Body Composition" workout
is likely to leave you nauseous and dizzy from the effects
of low blood sugar.

And you haven't felt muscle burn until your 30 seconds
into your first loaded fly stretch after three sets of
super slow bench press.

But while it's not easy, it is quick.

"All in, you'll spend less than about two
hours per week in the gym!"

And by keeping the workouts short we keep cortisol
levels low.

High cortisol levels increase food cravings, promote
fat storage, and cause muscle atrophy that can
completely sabotage your efforts.

Here are the nuts & bolts of the program:
  • Workout one-on-one with a trainer 3-4 x / week
  • You'll need to tweak your diet - nothing major but you will need to cut some carbs out
  • You'll be given a specific, personalized supplement plan to maximize results
  • For a limited time you can save $500 by signing up online
So if you want to finally lose those love handles and
be proud to take off your shirt at the beach this summer
click the link below 

Or, if it's better for you, I will break up the cost into
5 bi-weekly payments of $219 or 3 monthly payments
$365. Just let me know...

"ln 8 weeks you could be 10, 15, or 20 leaner. Or you could be kicking yourself, wishing you'd 
called me two months ago. Don't let this opportunity 
pass you by - sign up now!"

"Want more info? Fill out the form below and one of our Body Transformation Experts will contact you shortly!"

Read what others are saying about our revolutionary programs

"I've been working out at Kuzora Fitness for 3 months and the results have been dramatic! I'm down 22 pounds and dropped from 38 jeans to 34's! 

John and his staff not only provide a fun and exciting workout, but also one that gets RESULTS!

Thanks to John and his crew I'm looking forward to fitting into those size 32's!"

Matt Hergenrader, Wake Forest

"Since starting at Kuzora Fitness I've lost weight, increased muscle tone, and lost inches.

Best of all, they helped me be "high school skinny" for my 20 year high school reunion!

I have never felt or looked better in my life!  
I couldn't have done it without John and the trainers at Kuzora Fitness - Thanks!!! "

Tricia Keipper, Wake Forest